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Are you looking to feel better, be healthier and join a friendly, supportive community? Then sign up today at Hot Yoga Baltimore! We are a locally and woman owned small business committed to providing outstanding service, individualized attention and bringing people together whether you are in the studio or joining us virtually.

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Explore our tailored services for wellness.

Yoga Classes

Join our 90 minute Hot Bikram Yoga classes designed to realign your skeletal system and help your organs function efficiently. Led by experienced instructors, our classes offer a harmonious blend of movement, mindfulness, and relaxation to nurture your mind, body, and soul.


PyroPilates is a low-impact, high-intensity class that increases deep core strength, flexibility and stability. This is a dynamic class that will complement your Bikram 90-minute practice! With HIIT incorporated, you will continue to keep your metabolic rate higher for hours after class. Similar to our Bikram series, pyroPilates is an all-levels and all-ages class that can be accessible to all.

Massage Therapy

Looking for an individualized massage experience customized to your personal needs? Many massage places offer a menu of options to choose from. Why not simply receive what you need in the moment for what your body is looking for today! Lynne has been massaging for over 20 years and incorporates a variety of modalities. Call or Text her today to schedule your appointment..240-972-4444


Join Christina M. (and her yoga partner Christina H.) for an unforgettable retreat experience that'll refresh your spirit and reconnect you with nature on June 19 - 23, 2024 at Casa Om Potomac (Martinsburg, WV).

Client Testimonials

I have been going to BYC since they opened almost 7 years ago. I have never had a bad experience there. In fact, I always feel great after every class. The teachers are top notch and always give good corrections to my postures without being pushy. The place is always spotless because the staff works hard to keep it that way.
I travel quite a bit for work and while I am biased as this is my home studio and the teachers are spectacular, this is THE BEST place to call HOME! We at Hot Yoga Baltimore have a special family relationship, come join us, you will NOT regret it!
I am celebrating my two year anniversary at this yoga studio, though I started practicing Bikram almost 12 years ago. I have also visited many different studios around the country, and two in other countries! This studio is superior in many ways.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this studio. Great teachers. So friendly and welcoming. It just feels like home. Super clean and temps are always steady. And the fellow Yogi's are the best. Everyone knows your name. Best studio to start and/or continue your practice.

Student of the Month


Meet our July Student of the Month, Maryann!🙌
We love seeing students tiptoe into the studio just for single classes and finally take the leap to commit to becoming a member. Maryann is one of those people who was part of another studio pre-pandemic and slowly, but surely wound up being a member of HYB! We want our healthy habits to happen overnight, but often it’s just daily steps in the right direction that lead to good habits and patterns in our lives. Read more in her own words..
“First, I just want to say that I am so honored to be chosen to be the student of the month for July. Although, I have attended yoga classes on and off throughout my adult life– it was 12 years ago that I attended my first Bikram Yoga class. One of my best friends had been encouraging me to take a class—and I finally agreed. It was something that I never regretted. I benefited from the practice both physically and mentally. At that time, I was going through a very difficult divorce. Looking back—I truly believe that my Bikram yoga practice helped me get through that most difficult period of life.
As much as I loved practicing Bikram Yoga—the demands of working full-time and being a single mother forced me to take an extensive break from formally practicing yoga. However, I have frequently integrated certain aspects of yoga into my personal and professional life. As a clinical social worker, I have often taught deep breathing and mindfulness practices to clients. I have also taken classes and have explored the potential ways that yoga can help with depression and anxiety.
So after years of promoting the importance of self-care to others–I finally decided to take my own advice. Last September, I decided to attend another Bikram Yoga Class at Hot Yoga Baltimore. Although, my initial motivation in resuming my practice was to achieve some physical goals—I soon began benefiting in so many other ways. My daughter has commented on how much more relaxed I am after taking a class. Also, my sleep has noticeably improved. One of my favorite things about yoga is that you don’t have to be perfect at the poses to reap the many benefits.
I am extremely grateful to be able to take classes at Hot Yoga Baltimore and I feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful studio. All of the teachers are very supportive and encouraging and it is such a welcoming environment. I would encourage anyone that is considering taking a class—to take a chance and try it—it can truly be life changing.”

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